Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business Students Visit University of Malaya

UIN Sunan Kalijaga delegates 8 students from the Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business to University of Malaya (24-29 November 2019). The participants from the Sharia Banking Study Program: Rezaldy Nurul Arroby, Asep Riadi, Imtyazul Hikmah Halimah and from the Sharia Financial Management Study Program: Muhammad Al-Faridho Awwal, Dzikra Azzahra, Dewi Wahyu Setyo Rini, and Naura Nazhifah Yazrif. This visit was held at the Islamic Teaching Academic Universiti Malaya (APIUM).

By holding this inbound activity, the students felt the learning activities atmosphere at the University of Malaya. They were warmly welcomed by 2 students of the University of Malaya, Ezzat and Farah who also acted as buddy during their activities at the university.

Dr. Fadillah Binti Mansur as Head of Department of Shariah and Management, Academy of Islamic Studies was grateful for choosing Malaya University. The students had the opportunity to attend Ijma & Qiyas class by Dr. Asmuliadi Lubis, Human Resources class by Dr. Maimunah, Muamalah Economy class by Dr. Fadhillah, and the Methodology class by Dr. Asmuliadi Lubis. Students were also invited to join campus tour and visit important buildings at the university.

Dzikra Azzahra, one of the delegation was happy to join the program and visit the University of Malaya, especially the Department of the Islamic Teaching Academy. She hopes the Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business UIN Sunan Kalijaga could be known better. It was such a new experience could feel the different study atmosphere.

Other delegations, Rezaldy and Naura thought that this program was meaningful. They could share experiences, culture, and knowledge for five days. Thus, they are very grateful could join this program.