SAVIOR Goes to Universiti Malaya

The student from Aqidah and Islamic Philosophy of the Ushuluddin Faculty and Islamic Thought, Ersa Elfira, followed Student Academic Visit to Foreign Countries (SAVIOR) activities on November 24- December 4, 2019. Ersa had the opportunity to undergo lecture activities on Islamic studies at Universiti Malaya. According to her, the exploration of Islamic studies in Malaysia was quite strict due to government regulations. As a result, Islamic themes, especially philosophy, are not well explored. At Universiti Malaya, Ersa learned about the application of philosophy to cure mental illness and other physical ailments.
These materials have never been obtained and studied by her. Philosophy at UIN Sunan Kalijaga prioritizes the deepening of theories and Sufi figures. But in her opinion, both of them will be exciting with proper portions. Philosophy is not a priority study at Universiti Malaya. However, Ersa gained a lot of knowledge and experience in Malaysia.