Student Induction of UIN Sunan Kalijaga 2019

Day 1

Friday (1/11) Student Affairs Department of UIN Sunan Kalijaga in collaboration with the International Office (CDCIA) held an induction or introduction program for foreign students. The activity aimed to introduce foreign students to the immigration and lecture process at UIN Sunan Kalijaga. This activity was held at the Interactive Center of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The event was officially opened with remarks by the Head of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Cooperation Affairs Drs. HA. Munir, M.A. He stressed three important points that need to be understood by foreign students regarding residency permits that cannot be overstayed, completing studies on time, and establishing communication with Student Affairs and the International Office.

Dr. Muhajir from the International Office moderated the core program delivered by Intania Ayu Kuncayaningrum, S.E as the first immigration analyst from the Class I Immigration Office. The material presented was related to VISA Visit, VITAS, and immigration. The information session ended with a question and answer session. Laylay Alfaytouri (Libya), Rania Khaled (Egypt), Fitri Tahee (Thailand), Abdul Azim (Malaysia), and Obaidullah (Bangladesh) actively asked questions at the session. Mr. Ganefawan, as the representative of the Student Affairs Department also renspond with answers needed by foreign students. Activity ended at 10:30.

Day 2

Saturday (2/11), foreign students of UIN Sunan Kalijaga participated in outbound activity as a part of induction activities. Outbound held at Omah Notoplankton was attended by 21 foreign students from 5 countries (Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan). This activity opened at 9 a.m. by Mr. Boy, as a Head of Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Cooperation, and then continued with remarks by Mrs. Eka Sulistyowati as a CDCIA secretary. Before leaving basecamp, one of the CDCIA’s volunteers read rules regarding what should be done and should not be done.The participants were given 10 minutes to prepare and a coach led the program by praying.

During the trip, participants were already familiar with each other and chatting happily. Participants are required to go through the hills with steep rocks. After going along the plantation, participants were asked to walk through the river while doing some games to get to know each other better, while maintaining intimacy. The selection of locations in Selorejo, Tempel is intended so that students know the natural wealth and culture of Indonesia.

After lunch, participants were invited to enjoy special coffeefrom OmahNotoplankton. "The trip was very pleasant and I like to drink coffee here," said Rania, a foreign student from Egypt. At the end of theprogram, a door prize was given to anyone who could answer questions.